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Gynecomastia Treatment Youtube Videos

A lot of males suffer from Gynecomastia or breast hypertrophy nowadays. Analysis of the clinical diagnosis data of people suffering from it has revealed that though most of the times youngsters undergoing hormonal changes develop it, but it can be seen in people belonging to almost all age groups.

It has been found that surgery is precisely the complete solution. Subcutaneous mastectomy or Gynecomastia surgery can be performed under local/general anaesthesia depending on the severeness of the condition & the requirement for the procedure.

The surgery takes anything from around 1-3 hours. In this procedure, incision is made in the region near the areola(nipple). Tumescent fluid is injected. A thin metal tube(cannula) connected with drain pipes is inserted. Emulsified fat is removed. The breast tissue is removed via gland excision.

As the breast tissue is completely removed where fat is stored, it is unlikely that recurrence of the condition will take place hence it is considered as a permanent solution to Gynecomastia or breast hypertrophy.

It is a walk-in, walk-out type of a surgery. No overnight stay is required. People can resume their normal routine within a week, but avoid strenuous activities till a few weeks.

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