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    What is CoolSculpting ?

    CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure that removes stubborn fat that has built up in certain areas of the body. It is a non-surgical procedure with no needle no scar, Moreover, CoolSculpting seeks to improve body contour without the risks and lengthy recovery times.

    Benefits of CoolSculpting

    • Instant and Simple 
    • No Severe Pain 
    • Non-Surgical Procedure
    • No Downtime Needed
    • Impressive and Immediate Results

    What is the price of CoolSculpting?

    Generally, the cost of CoolSculpting depends on the treatment area of the body and it costs somewhere around 70,000 INR but if you heard of Dezire Clinic’s Offer on CoolSculpting you can avail it for only 28,000 INR for CoolSculpting Procedure.

    Procedure of CoolSculpting

    The process will be performed by a doctor or other accomplished healthcare professional applying a portable device. The tool contains applicators that resemble the vacuum cleaner’s nozzles.

    The medical professional will use an applicator and gel pad to treat the affected area. The applicator gently freezes away the fat from the targeted area. After that, the practitioner will slide the apparatus over your skin while applying suction and cooling technologies to the desired area of the body. Several devices in some offices enable them to treat several target areas in a single visit.

    Although some pulling and pinching sensations are normal throughout the treatment, overall there is not much discomfort. Massage causes some minor discomfort sometimes,  but it is worth the pain.

    It can take one to three hours to complete each treatment. During the operation, people generally listen to music and read a book, to avoid boredom

    The Area Benefited from CoolSculpting

    • Inner and Outer Thighs
    • Upper and Lower Abdomen
    • Chin area (or double chin)
    • Flanks 
    • Arms
    • Bra and Back fat

    CoolSculpting Preparation

    There is not much preparation needed before the CoolSculpting process. However, it’s crucial to make sure your body is healthy inside and not too far from your optimum weight. 

    People who are extremely overweight or obese better not opt for this procedure Liposuction will be the best option for them. CoolSculpting is a weight loss method. 

    An ideal applicant is in good physical condition and seeking a method to get rid of body fat deposits by destroying fat cells without any needles or scars.

    It will be good if you avoid anti-inflammatories like aspirin before the procedure, despite the fact that bruising from the suction of the applicator is frequent following CoolSculpting.

    What to Expect After CoolSculpting

    After a CoolSculpting procedure, there is minimal to no recovery time required. The majority of people receive approval to return to their regular daily activities. There will be very temporary side effects like slight redness or discomfort that may occasionally appear in the treated area, but they usually go away within a few weeks.

    Within three weeks of the treatment, the results in the treated areas can be apparent. The fat-flushing process lasts for up to six months after the initial treatment, and typical benefits are seen after two to three months. Multiple treatments may be necessary for some persons and body parts.  

    More than 80 percent of people indicated that CoolSculpting improved the way their clothes fit, According to CoolSculpting market research you will the best CoolSculpting treatment in Delhi.

    Recommendation After the CoolSculpting Procedure

    • Wear Unfited  loose, comfortable clothes 
    • Keep Moving
    • Massages and warm compresses
    • Do Excercise like Stretching
    • Avoid Anti-inflammatory medications
    • Monthly Doctor Visit 
    • Opt For Healthy Lifestyle

    What is the Recovery Period after the CoolSculpting Procedure 

    Soon after a CoolSculpting procedure, there is little to no recovery time. The majority of people are given the go-ahead to resume their regular daily activities.

    Why is Dezire Clinic the best choice for the CoolSculpting Procedure 

    • extremely skilled surgeon
    • Reasonable price
    • perfect hygiene
    • services that are private
    • Safe surroundings

    Best Clinic for CoolSculpting Treatment 

    The Dezire Clinic is the most reputable and trustworthy clinic in India,  Focuses on a Sleek Aesthetic Appearance, and A customer satisfactory clinic. arrange your free consultation session Just give us a call or send us an email right away.

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