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    What is Breast augmentation?

    Breast augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure through which the shape and size of your breast can be increased with the help of breast implants. These implants are made up of different materials. Breast augmentation is ideal option for the People who want to increase the size and volume of their breast, or want to treat asymmetrical breast. The results of breast augmentation are immediate and long term.

    Why Breast augmentation is a good option for you

    • If you want to increase the size of your breast
    • You can change the irregular size of your breasts
    • If you want to restore your breast after a pregnancy
    • Gives your breast a more appealing look
    • If you want to Increase self-confidence¬†

    Preparation before the breast augmentation

    • You will be told to get some important lab test done
    • Share your medical history with your surgeon
    • You should avoid smoking few weeks prior to surgery for an early recovery
    • Avoid taking blood thinning medication

    What is recovery period of breast augmentation?

    It takes 4 to 6 weeks to completely recover from the breast augmentation procedure and in this recovery period you should avoid any kind of heavy exercises or overwork.

    How much time it will take to show the results

    Even when results are immediate, it takes 3 to 4 months for your implants to settle into a proper position and for the swelling post-surgery to subside.

    Why dezire is the best option for your breast augmentation surgery?

    • Highly experienced surgeon
    • Affordable cost
    • Impeccable hygiene
    • Confidential services
    • Safe environment


    Skin retraction would be better if the VASER liposuction technique were used.

    The results would be almost scarless as tiny incisions were made to remove the fat from the area.

    The time taken can vary from person to person and usually takes 1 month or more, depending on the area treated.

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