Vagina is the flexible and strong piece of the female genital tract, stretching out from urethra to the cervix. It’s implied that vagina is the most crucial sex organ in females and the most features as well. It additionally abandons saying that the ladies meaning to change their personality and sexuality by progressing to men would want to dispose of the most features and ordinary female sex organ, the vagina.

The vaginal removal can be possible by two procedures, partial or radial. If whole vaginal removal is there, it is known as radial and if upper part of organ is there, it is called partial. It is usually performed in combination with metoidioplasty or a hysterectomy.

Operative procedure

  • The procedure is done under general anaesthesia. The person is asked to place in a position same in which a woman gives birth to picture the vaginal and perineum area.
  • After whole pelvic area examination surgeon will inserts a catheter to the bladder. A long incision is made about the vagina, and the cut is extended down into the pelvic floor to the pubocervical fascia.
  • The mucosa is separated from the lateral wall of the vagina and pudendal artery is recognized, compress, and then tied off. The analysis of the vagina is done under the urethra and bladder; care must be taken so that numerous blood vessels in that region could not get affected.
  • Another surgeon will execute total hysterectomy by making an incision in the abdominal region. The peritoneal cavity is accessed to find the vagina and the bladder. The bladder is cut apart from the vaginal wall. The surgeon continues the procedure to remove the vagina from the uterus, the cervix, and the rectum.
  • Lastly, whole vagina is removed out and care must be taken that nearby area don’t get affected.

In colpocleisis, the vaginal wall or the muscular lining of the vagina is disconnected and the muscle flaps adjoining the vagina are suture together carefully to close it. Removal of the vagina is compulsorily for creation of a new penis. But in metaidioplasty it’s not compulsory, reconstruction of penis takes place on the existing genital tissues.


Like other surgical or medical procedure, vaginectomy is also associated with some risk factors such as:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding might happen while operating or after surgery from incision.
  • Infection moving from blood tissues can soon reach to the whole body and results into sepsis.
  • Constant leaking of urine happens as of accidental opening among the urinary bladder and the vagina.