Liposuction Common Questions. Everything About Liposuction@DezireClinic

Liposuction Common Questions. Everything About Liposuction@DezireClinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Some of the questions asked during the live session were:

  1. diff b/w gynaecomastia & chest fat

Ans.  Chest fat and gynecomastia is different. In gynecomastia chest fat is also there, it is one of the major components in obese and healthy patient. One of the component of gynecomastia is fat and glandular tissue. Chest fat can be reduced by exercise but gynecomastia doesn’t go by exercise.

  1. how do you decide how much is the maximum limit to the amount of local anaesthesia that can be given in a single surgery?

Ans.  We give local anesthesia according to 50mg/ kg body weight. For infiltration xylocaine is used which is the major component of anesthesia. Xylocaine 3mg/kg is dilated in ringer lactate and its dose is increased because it infiltrates over a wide area. The dose is increased upto 50 mg/kg.

  1. ​sir what would be minimum amount of using renuvion j plasma along with gynecomastia?

Ans. I don’t have at present once we will have I will tell you the cost.

  1. Q. ​what is the minimal cost for small gland removal both the side?

Ans. For cost ​WhatsApp Your Details to know the Cost Delhi – 9717470550Pune – 9222122122Bangalore- 8971224700Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. ​sir any newyear package announcement?

Ans. No, we don’t have any packages for the new year.

  1. ​can only chest pack done along with gynecomastia

Ans. Yes, chest enhancement with fat transfer can be done. We will fill the pectorals major muscle so  that you will get a athletic male shape chest. It will enhance male chest and make it more muscular.

  1. dard hota h kya

Ans. If anaesthesia is given then there is no pain.

  1. Q. ​so for someone who is 5’4″, 65-67 kg, can arms, underarms(axilla), upper and lower back and upper abdomen be done within safe limits of local anaesthesia?

Ans. Yes, we can do upper arms and arms liposuction. Lower back is very difficult if you are prepared then you can perform it is difficult to perform under local anaesthesia, if you are able to tolerate the pain the we can do it.

  1. Q. ​all body parts in 3D to reduce to minimum skin pinch?

Ans. It  depends on patient skin quality accordingly we can do it we do vaser along with micoroaire there is minimum skin pinch.

  1. Q. ​Sir liposuction ka result kab se dikte ha?

Ans. Till 2 months swelling is there and it take one month after it to see the result.

  1. Q. ​it will be vaser liposuction ? .

Ans. Yes, it will be vaser liposuction.

  1. ​sir liposuction se future me koi problems to nahi hogi?

Ans. No, there will be no problem after liposuction in your future.

​Q. ​it comes in mediclaim

Ans. No, it doesn’t comes under mediclaim.

  1. what’s the cost of full body

Ans. WhatsApp Your Details to know the Cost Delhi – 9717470550Pune – 9222122122Bangalore- 8971224700Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. Q. ​sir for someone who want to undergo abdomen liposuction you do 360°as well in the package

Ans. If we will do 360 the cost will be extra.

  1. Q. ​for fat transfer process, is vaser used to remove the fat before transfer?

Ans. I don’t use vaser mostly for fat transfer and if I use it, I use it at very low pressure.  Emulsified fat is good for the fat transfer.

​Q. ​liposuction is better than bartic surgery

Ans. High BMI, age,  medical condition, faster weight loss then bartic surgery is best.  When these are criteria, I l always suggest them to go for bartic surgery.

  1. sir i am scared , dont know why 😬

Ans. Everyone is scared you will be given anesthesia don’t need to be scared

  1. Q. ​after liposuction fat come back

Ans. Fat doesn’t come back after liposuction if you are able to maintain it, do regular exercise and eat healthy food.

  1. Q. ​what is tickle liposuction? and wet and super wet techniques of liposuction? are they effective and do they cause less pain?

Ans. All liposuction are done by super wet technique. Whenever tumescent liposuction is done the sensation felt is known as tickle.  They are effective and more s tumescent solution the less is pain

  1. sir good night mere Bete aman ka ek said thuda mota pan he tik ho jayga bad sir

Ans. Yes, pain is very common side effect of the surgery it will go away with time.

  1. Q. ​stiches markes ? will go away sir ? , and normal time ?

Ans. Yes, scar goes after one to three months.

  1. Sir face colour permanent fair ho skta h kya please btao sir .

Ans. Glutathione, microdermabrasion, chemical peels  are the treatment options available for making the skin fair.

  1. local anesthesia or general ?

Ans. We do surgery under  both types of anaesthesia.

  1. ​sir what is UAL liposuction???

Ans. UAL is ultrasound assisted liposuction

  1. ser forehead par lipoma hai kya scar aata hai

Ans. I make incision through hairline so that scar is minimal.

  1. Q. ​darr lagg raa h sir , don’t know why 😬🙄

Ans. The day of the procedure keep your mind calm, if you trust me then keep your mind calm therefore the anaesthesia drugs will act.

  1. Q. ​what drugs do you use for GA?

Ans.  We use all drugs  which are fast acting, they metabolise very fast and they have no side effect on any organ.

  1. Q. ​sir 8 pack abs banwa deinge?

Ans. Yes, we can make 8 packs also.

  1. sir ek side swelling h ek side thik h

Ans. Swelling will be there for few days it will subside on its own you do massages and wear compression garment.

​Q. how to apply , bitadin lotion ?.

Ans. One or two day before you can take bath.

  1. ​sir esa lag rha h nipple m swelling h gland to nahi reh gya hoga

Ans.  No, swelling is very common after liposuction.

  1. operation ke liye bhul ka injection kaha par dete hai..

Ans. W e give  intravenous injection.  In general anaesthesia we inturbate  and in  local anesthesia we give tumescent solution, sedation, anxiety and pain injections also.

  1. i have undergone GA before … i was given propofol and some other drugs i think which i dont know … when i woke up i felt as if only 2 seconds had gone by … do u use this drug?

Ans. Propfol is  good drug very fast acting and it has short duration of action. in general anaesthesia you don’t remember when you have gone inside and when you came out.

  1. nipple ko massage kr sakte h kya swelling wale ko

Ans. Yes, you have to massage whole chest.

  1. sir underarms mota hi lagra hai sir thik hoga na sir 4 taariko surgery ki thi mai

Ans. Maximum swelling is till 14 days, gradually it will stop because of the empty area.

  1. after surgery when we able to go for work

Ans. After one to two days of the surgery you can go back to work.

  1. sir same day traveling kar sakte hain kya surgery ke baad?

Ans. Yes, you can travel on the same day but you can’t drive.

  1. in case the pain during surgery under local with or without sedation becomes too much to tolerate, is it possible to start GA in the middle of the surgery?

Ans. It is not advisable, we have to continue surgery and we have to increase the dose with sedation, we can adjust the dose. It is not advisable but we can give General anaesthesia in middle of surgery but prior consent

  1. ​sir ji bina surgery ke koi tarika nahi hai gyankomasti thik hone ke liye

Ans. There is no treatment other than surgery. According to science and research also there is no treatment.

  1. Q. ​Sir aap dimpleplasty karte hae kya?

Ans. Yes, we do this surgery.

  1. ​sir i am from kolhapur can i go home at same day after gyno surgery?

Ans. Yes, you can travel I  advise you to stay nearby it is preferable not to travel and again come back.

  1. surgery ke baad pahle jaisa ho jayega jaise gym ya exercises kar sakte hai sir ji 🙏🏻

Ans. Yes, after one month of the surgery you can go to gym and do exercises.

  1. Q. ​after waking up from GA, does it cause a lot of nausea and vomitting?

Ans. Yes, it can cause nausea and vomiting. But we give animemtic and anti vomiting injection.

  1. after fat remove skin will become looser

Ans. Your skin will shrink  and will always shrink and contract. If the skin is normal then skin quality will improve.

  1. Q. ​consultation fees in delhi

Ans. There is no consultation fees.

  1. after how many days of surgery we can ride a bike sir…& for how many days we have to take a proper rest at home

Ans. After 24 hours of the surgery you can ride bike and till one to two days after surgery you can take rest at home.

  1. how to prevent post surgery complications like pitting edema and few other complications?

Ans. Do your activities,  regular massage,  wear garment, drink lots of fluid this will help you in managing complications such as edema and pitting

  1. sir i hope patient consent is taken before putting up surgery video on youtube?

Ans. We don’t reveal the patient identity, we don’t have the concept of publicity or marketing . We don’t show their face, we show the body part only, it is not revealing patient identity. Some patient don’t want they can say that. It is only for education purpose only.

  1. Mere age 47 hai kai mai mere body payfull fat hai

Ans. Age is not a factor if you are medically fit we will do your test then after evaluation we can do our surgery.

  1. Q. surgery have to remove stitches & will i visit again to ur clinic to remove stitches..

Ans. Stitches are removed after 14 days of the surgery.

  1. Q. ​sir Ayurvedic medicine se gynecomastia Chala jaata hai kiya

Ans. No, ayurvedic medicines doesn’t cure Gynecomastia.

  1. Sir gyno ke surgery ke Baad pani jama hota hai kya

Ans. It is fluid collection which is there for 14 days  after that it settles down

  1. Q. ​if a patient makes a request to roll a “belan” on body part immediately after surgery is completed to equalise the fat, can you do that?

Ans. We have already removed the fat. We do different technique. I use small trick and technique to check this.

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