Hair Transplant या Hair Wig/ Patch. क्या Better Hai ?

Hair Transplant dezire clinic

Hair Transplant या Hair Wig/ Patch. क्या Better Hai ?

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Before starting the live session he explained about hair transplant and hair wig. He told many people fear about surgery, and different people have different opinions about surgery which they give to others. People having hair wig will not tell that you should go for hair transplant, or people having hair transplant will not tell you to opt for hair wig. Many people who opt for hair transplant get confuse between FUE (Follicular unit extraction) and FUT( Follicular unit transplant) technique, both techniques has its own advantages and disadvantages. The success rate depends on the team of doctor who are doing this, quality of the graft, quality of donor area. If the graft are properly implanted, quality of graft is good, graft requirement is good and the donor area is less then we can get good result. If the doctor is skilled in doing this technique, their team is efficient then they are definitely going to get good result. FUE has the advantage of less downtime and faster recovery, rather than technique success depends on the person who is doing this.

Some of the questions asked during this live session were:

​Q. Doctor scar revision possible hai forehead sai

Ans. Yes, it is possible. If it is very big then we can do in number of session, it can be done in single session we excise it under local anaesthesia. Send your scar picture on the whatsapp no of your nearest city. ​WhatsApp Your Details to know the Cost Delhi – 9717470550Pune – 9222122122Bangalore- 8971224700Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir pain kitna ho ta h

Ans. We give anaesthesia before surgery, we reduce pain before surgery so that every process should be done smoothly. Pain, swelling and discomfort is for one week after that it resolves. Gyno is safe procedure done properly

  1. ​Doctor Mene picture Baez di forehead scar ki whatsapp mai

Ans. We will see your picture, then tell you the suitable treatment.

  1. Q. ​hi sir…on my forehead middle..means between eyebrows having a 7 stitches scar, can it be removed completely with plastic surgery, and what is the cost.

Ans. Fractional CO2 laser causes collagen remodelling, collagen restructure. It works like that, w ecan make the scar better we cannot remove it completely, we can reduce its visibility and appearance. In eyebrow scar we can do hair transplant or we can excise it, that I can tell after seeing, I will put any graft it will be visible. We can do laser, fillers, fat graft , PRP for the scars we can asses after seeing it.

  1. kya hum khud dressing remove kar sakte hain aur kitne din baad

Ans. After 3 days you can remove your dressing but you should send your pictures before removing it.

  1. ​aur stiches kaha per remove kare

Ans. After 14 days of treatment you can remove stitches from anywhere.

  1. after surgery kya kya food avoid karna hai

Ans. No food restriction is there after surgery.

  1. Q. ​sir ji nose ki ek side scar h dikhta nhi h par sir hath lgaate h to ubhra ubhra sa lagta h kya karu sir

Ans. Nose scar are difficult to remove. Send your pic, we will see it then tell you.

  1. sir mene gyno surgery karayi thi aapse mere ek side me fluid jyada h I worry

Ans.  For the first 2 week there is swelling after that it begin to subside. The swelling is normal, you don’t need to take any tension. Fluid goes on its own when the lymphatic channel get stabilised

  1. ​Sir gynaecomastia ki surgery kis centre pe best hai Delhi or gurugram please

Ans. Both are same, we can club in time of surgery if the number of patients are more in one centre.

  1. Sir kya gynaecomastia ki surgery trans nipple sahi hoti hai nipple ke neeche??

Ans. I have done lot of trans nipple according to me peri-areolar is the best. I keep on changing the technique according to the feedback which I am getting.

  1. Q. ​Sir, the hair on my face is full of hair, beard area related over grow my face hair

Ans. You want to reduce your facial hair it can be done by laser.

  1. Q. ​are transplanted hair permanent

Ans. With age the number of hair goes down, transplanted hair is life long and it stays over time

  1. sir aapne ga me meri surgery but mujhe sab sunai de rha tha nd aapki or apke saath ek or doctor the unki conversation sun rha tha esa kyu

Ans. After coming from  general anaesthesia you may feel like that, during surgery patient is unconscious.

  1. sir is there any surgery for dense beard and moustache growth?

Ans. Yes, beard and moustache transplant can be done by FUE technique. You can see our video as well as feedback

  1. can DHI gives better result than fue

Ans. The basic concept of DHI is out of  body time of graft is less, if graft are implanted very fast it doesn’t mean they have to go within one min. If all protocol followed result will be come, simultaneously extraction and implantation is done then graft can survive,

  1. sir can u make surgery to tight frenulum

Ans. Yes, we can do this. ​WhatsApp Your Details to know the Cost Delhi – 9717470550Pune – 9222122122Bangalore- 8971224700Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. is crown transplant successful

Ans. Yes, crown transplant is successful.

  1. jha py naturaly hair nhi hy agar waha par transplant karhy tho ky result possible hy

Ans. No, it is not possible

  1. sir me 1 bat sabko bolna chata hu jis Bhai ko gyanocomestia ki problem ho vo prasant sir ke pass hi Jaye good results gyanocomestia

Ans. Thank you for sharing your feedback. Hope you are doing well

  1. I have shared u my pics during procedure,aftr procedure,8months later , i need ur suggestion

Ans. I will see your picture and then I will tell you about it.

  1. Q. ​sir beard ki jo grow h wotna hi beard chaiye jo over hair h remove permanent treatment ky krna better hoga’

Ans. You can do laser hair removal for bread we can do beard shaping

  1. Q. how long grafts stay outside body, before being transplanted again

Ans. 6-8 hours is optimum time and for better survival we use solution for better survival

  1. you have any clinic near kanyakumari (tamilnadu or kerala)?

Ans In south India we have only clinic in Bangalore.

  1. Sir gynaocomastia ki surgery bina fat nikale ho skti hai kya agr sirf glands nikale ???

Ans.  If fat is not there than only gland removal can be done.

  1. ​which punch is better…serrated punch or round punch for FUE transplant

Ans. I mostly  use FUE technique for hair transplanatation

  1. sir my hand 10 lipuma cost pless pune clineck

Ans. Send your detail on our no ​ Delhi – 9717470550Pune – 9222122122Bangalore- 8971224700Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. how many grafts gets damaged during extraction and implantation…is it around 10%

Ans. There is less than 10% damage to the grafts and 90% survival rate is in our hands.

​ Q. ​how much hair grafts required in crown area doctor

Ans.  Crown area may need 1000-200 grafts,

  1. cheloid removing ka process kaise hota h sir ji

Ans. Kleoid removal is mostly done by steroid injection.

  1. In hair patch which is good sir clip or glue system???

Ans. Yes patch can damage existing hair, it needs to be changed. If we stick it pulls due to which tractions or  injury is there

  1. sir hair fall se bachne keiye kya kare

Ans.  You have to take medication, shampoo or multivitamin for reducing your hair fall.

  1. ​sir kya hydrocele homeopathy se reduce hoba please answer

Ans. No, homeopathy treatment is not going to cure hydrocele.

  1. Q. ​should we go for 3 PRP first…that is 3 months before finally going for hair transplant

Ans. PRP is only done for the existing hair

  1. Q. ​sir conseltation free he kya?

Ans. We don’t have any consultation fees.

  1. Q. ​sir wrong hair trasplant can correct

Ans. Yes, we can correct wrong hair transplant.

  1. Q. ​skin mole nikane k baad wapis tho ni ayega na sir

Ans. No, mole doesn’t come back once it is removed.

  1. should we take finasteride and minoxidil for 6 months …before going for hair transplant

Ans. Minioxidil or finasteride has to be stopped 2-3 weeks before hair transplant

  1. skin mole ko remove karne k baad aap konsi cream prescribe karte us pr lagane k liye uska cost kitna ayega sir ji

Ans. After mole removal you can apply normal antibiotic cream and for the scar you can apply silicon based gel cream.

  1. ​where is your clinic in Delhi doctor

Ans. Our clinic is located in Hauz khas.

​WhatsApp Your Details to know the Cost Delhi – 9717470550Pune – 9222122122Bangalore- 8971224700Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. do you do all type of surgeries like FUT, FUE and DHI

Ans. Yes, we do all types of surgeries like FUE, FUT and DHI.

  1. Q. ​air dandraff ke lia home pe kya kar sakte he

Ans. You can use ketoconazole shampoo twice in a week.

  1. Q. ​kitne samay mei hosh me aajaao ka

Ans. After the surgery, you will be fully conscious.

  1. gyno results kitne dino ke baad milte he

Ans. The complete result of the surgery is visible after 3-4 months of the surgery.

  1. how many sessions required for more than 5 thousand hair grafts implementation

Ans. It will take around 2 to 3 session for implanting 5000 grafts.

  1. Q. ​hair trasplant app karte ho?

Ans. Hair transplant is done under my observation, we have a team of hair transplant expert they do this.

  1. ​gyno ke bare me janna hai mujhe gyno mastiy hai or.

Ans. It is caused due to hormonal imbalance, in which the level of estrogen hormone increases as compared to testosterone hormone. It can only be treated by surgery in which both glands and fat are being removed.

​Q.ब्लड टेस्ट जिला अस्पताल पर करा सकते हैं

Ans.  Yes, you can do your blood test from anywhere.

  1. Dil gurda pepde me to koi nuksaan nahi hoga Meri Umar 50 varsh hai

Ans. No, it doesn’t cause any side effect on heart.

  1. gyno serdury ke liye sula dete he kya 😂😂

Ans. Yes, we give sedation along with anaesthesia.

  1. lipoma removal healing time

Ans. It takes around 2-3 days for lipoma to heal.

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