Dr Prashant Yadav know that in your complete journey of Female to male transition, you want to look how exactly you feel.  Facial hair transplant is the final step in the journey of transgender sex surgery, which will provide you complete confidence and acceptance in the social world as a complete man. At Dezire clinic, we have special team of hair transplant surgeon who understands the aesthetic difference between female and male hairline and keeps the picture in mind while crafting facial hair with a hair transplant.

Hair transplant techniques:

FTM facial hair transplant consists of beard and moustache transplant by the following techniques.

Follicular Unit Extraction Technique (FUE Technique):

FUE is best technique when comes to hair transplant. It consists of one by one extraction of grafts from the scalp in the donor area. These grafts are located back and both sides of the scalp.

This procedure might take more time but provides best natural results with faster recovery time. This method takes an ample amount of time and expense to learn and to develop skills to a higher standard. This process left you with very small scar mark, which is small, round scars in the donor area from where grafts are removed. The process has faster recovery time and little discomfort as compared to other techniques.

FTM hair line revision

There is major difference between men and women hairline, men lean to have hair line that resembles M in the shape. Using FUE method as explained above, our surgeon converts their hairline into masculine appearance i.e. M shape. Because of advance technology used by our surgeon, your hairline looks more like natural instead of artificial doll-like appearance.

Beard and Moustache Transplant

Facial hair growth like bread and moustache is the biggest symbol of masculinity.  Moreover, famous celebrities have increased the trend of keeping moustache and beard and become one of the basic accessories. However, hormonal therapy while sex reassignment surgery for sure going to enhance facial growth, but they might be undeveloped and very thin in nature.
But thankfully, FUE hair transplant can help you to get fuller, thicker and dense facial hair including beard, moustache, and eyebrows. Our expert surgeon will transplant hair by use of FUE technique as mentioned above so that you can enjoy the strong masculine look.

Risks and Side Effects:
  • Bruising and swelling in the donor region.
  • Infection in the transplant areas.
  • Scarring in the transplant areas
  • Redness in the donor region.
  • Increased sensitivity, irritation or pain at the donor and recipient sites.

Dr Prashant Yadav and his team of expert surgeon have a great focus on hair transplantation. If FTM surgery is the thing, which you want in your life, then skilful and passionate surgeon is all you need. So, click on the below mentioned link or fill the form to book your free consultation about FTM transgender surgery.