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<span>, Bangalore</span>
"Like most of you, I researched a lot before getting a hair Transplant. I didn’t just go to the first doctor or advertisement I saw… I looked online at many internet forums, YouTube blogs, I went in to actual consultations, discussed it among family and friends and with other people that have got hair transplants. After Years of research (including other countries out of the India, I discovered Doctor Prashant Yadav In Dezire Clinic. His website was straight forward and easy to navigate. Price was a big concern to me as well, and he had a price structure and payment plan that made sense. I setup an appointment with him, for a free consultation. He had an actual guy there that went through the procedure, I was able to see a hair Transplant up close! He told me everything about the procedure, and gave me a realistic idea of what to expect. He also told me the pros and cons of different methods, and he also does only one patient a day! He gave me his direct cell number, and is very responsive to all his text msg and phone calls. During the day of surgery, he was there the whole time, he does the actual surgery, and works with a very close team of nurses. He’s very honest, transparent and easy to talk to guy. I also met his brother and it feels good having a close friend doing the surgery for me. He is there every step of the way. And the results are great! No horror stories here, thank god!"
- Reviewed by sricharan, Bangalore
<span>, Mysuru</span>
"Doctor Prashant Yadav is not just a doctor but a true artist. You go here trusting them with your appearance and they take that seriously. They want you looking your best and they succeed. I didn’t know what to expect and I can happily say I’m relieved I went here. I was nervous at first but Doctor Prashant Yadav’s amazing at talking things through with you and making you comfortable. He knows what he’s doing and he cares. Amazing results! HIGHLY recommended. Doctor Prashant Yadav outstanding bedside manner really sold me. He is someone with expertise who loves his job and helping people look and feel better. He made me comfortable, and unlike some of the other places I had visited, he offered fair pricing and a more personable experience. He also has TONS of experience with the procedure. He’s done over 2000+ transplants! In addition, the consultant at the office, was extremely friendly and full of advice and information. They remained patient and open as I had to reschedule a few times because I had work conflicts. By the time I came in for the procedure I had prepared to the guidelines set out by Doctor Prashnat Yadav. I had done an exercise to help the elasticity of my scalp which would help get more grafts and aid the healing process. The procedure went really, really well. I was made comfortable, all of my concerns and inquires were answered and I was treated well. Doctor Prashant yadav and his staff made sure I was comfortable, not in pain, well fed and relaxed. The procedure itself takes a while, but that’s because it’s intricate and not something you’d want anyone to rush. I could tell his staff knew what they were doing, each graft was put in with care and precision. This is important, in this procedure the assistants do tons of important work, and they were all experienced and nice people. They all have pride in their work! They were talking to each other, almost competing on who could do the best job. It was really cool as a patient! I felt confident I made the right choice, I’ve never looked back."
- Reviewed by Omakar vastavam, Mysuru
<span>, Telangana</span>
"I am now 18 months post pop and love my breasts and my body more than ever before! It is the best feeling to be able to wake up, look in the morning and be confident about a part of my body i was so self conscious about for so many years prior to my surgery. Thank you Doctor Prashant Yadav for not only being a great surgeon but also a great person!"
- Reviewed by Kripali chettinad, Telangana
<span>, Bangalore</span>
"I wanted to share my experience with Doctor Prashant Yadav and his team and how successful my breast augmentation has been. After 3 children and being quite athletic in my younger years, I had never had much breasts. After breast feeding, one breast had deflated more than the other and after a lot of weight loss my body was just out of proportion with such little breasts that had barely any volume left in them and bigger bottom half. I felt frustrated at times and wished i was more in proportion. Being a professional lingerie consultant and running my own business for the past 11 years, bras and breasts are literally my life! I have fitted and seen thousands of breast types over the years including “surgical enhanced ones” which at times had put me off ever having surgery myself. I had seen some really bad jobs and it scared me. I had also always looked at “boob jobs” as barbie doll like and very vain and just simply thought i couldn’t do it, it wasn’t for me. I couldn’t t have been more wrong! So many women now have it done, they love it and can’t recommend it more! It’s like a new found them and confidence and i had witnessed these women simply just beam!."
- Reviewed by M Grely, Bangalore
<span>, Mysure</span>
"Doctor Prashant Yadav and his team provide a friendly and supportive environment where I felt comfortable and safe. Undergoing cosmetic surgery can be both terrifying and daunting but the team at Dezire  Clinic Pune put me as ease and talked me through every step. I would highly recommend to book a consult and I’m sure Doctor Prashant Yadav and his team will fill you with as much confidence as I had!"
- Reviewed by Mina Ayyar, Mysure
<span>, Kochi</span>
"Doctor Prashant Yadav and his team at Dezire  were commited to providing 5 star treatment from my very first consult. They made me feel both comfortable and confident in my decision to go ahead with the surgery. Dezire  Clinic can only be described as a group of caring and skilled, passionate professionals. Doctor Prashant Yadav is a true artist and perfectionist who has immense knowledge and experience in the field and leads an amazing team. Doctor Prashant Yadav and the team gave me the absolute best care, best advice and treatment during every visit and for every question I had. The continuum of care really blew me away particularly the regular lymphatic messages. I couldn’t be happier with the my results and would recommend Dezire Clinic  for everyone and anyone considering cosmetic surgery."
- Reviewed by Saifali K, Kochi
<span>, Bangalore</span>
"I have had several treatments at this clinic and all been extremely positive experiences. From the very beginning I was able to see Doctor Prashant Yadav Chambers is an extremely professional experienced doctor with a lot of knowledge. He is very confident in what He does which reassured me a lot while the procedure took place. The minor surgery procedure I had done has not left any noticeable scars – I am extremely happy with the outcome. The second procedure I had done there was jet therapy which was done by very friendly and caring staff members who ensured I was having a pleasant experience the whole time. The results were astonishing – my skin was radiant and glowing straight away. It has never looked so clear and to this day it still feels really smooth and healthy. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone."
- Reviewed by L Patel, Bangalore
<span>, Mysure</span>
"I had different treatments over the years indezire Clinic Pune is very knowledgeable, friendly, reliable and caring. Her team is very professional. I always have a great experience in her clinic. I trust everything He advises. Would and did recommend to my friends who are also grateful."
- Reviewed by John Kailariya, Mysure
<span>, Hosur</span>
"My vote is a hard earned one but I highly recommend Doctor Prashant Yadavand his team. Their skin treatments are amazing and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Less is more and there are lots of tiny things you can do before considering fillers and procedures. It’s simply not worth shopping around – I look forward to aging gracefully (and slowly!) with Dezire Clinic."
- Reviewed by Mistub Gargi, Hosur
<span>, Tumakuru</span>
"I went in for consultation and without hesitation I proceeded to go ahead with procedure. Felt I was in the hands of the best and truly was best decision I have ever made. It’s been a year and half since my vazor liposuction and looking better and better every day. Thank you Doctor Prashant Yadav for making my dream body come true."
- Reviewed by Pavan Fa, Tumakuru
<span>, Hasan</span>
"Walking through the doors of Dezire Clinic was the best decision I have ever made. Christine was just always amazing in answering all of my questions, Fernanda with her after care & attention to every aspect made the healing process a breeze. Doctor Prashnat Yadav answered all of my questions openly and honestly on the day of my consultation, and did not hesitate in providing all the information I needed. To Doctor Prashant Yadav! What can I say? Your a absolute genius! your the Van Gough of the cosmetic World. I thank you so very much for turning my life around, I’m so much more happier within myself as a person! My confidence is back! & for the first time in a long time I can slip on anything & not only look great but feel awesome! Can’t wait for next summer! All the very best to you and your fabulous team!"
- Reviewed by Kaushalya, Hasan
<span>, Hassan</span>
"Dezire  clinic was amazing. I had my first treatment of Vaser Lipo and the doctors and staff were amazing. So caring and making sure my procedure and recovery were comfortable at all times. Highly recommend Doctor Prashant Yadav Ajaka to anyone considering having Vaser Lipo as I think he is the most skilled in this profession. I went bak for my second treatment and it was like I was family there. Such a caring and inviting practise I would recommend this surgeon and nurses to everyone."
- Reviewed by Radhika, Hassan
<span>, Hosur</span>
"From consult to final follow up, I had an excellent experience at Dezire  Clinic. At consult Doctor Prashant Yadav  understood my concerns about my chest and I felt like they treated my like an individual and not just a number. The communication before my procedure was outstanding and my procedure day went smoothly. I’m not going to lie, the day after my chest was really quiet sore but it was nothing I wasn’t expecting because it was all explained to me before hand and the painkillers I was given helped. The free post op massages were a godsend, really helped with the stiffness and swelling. At my 6 week follow up I was amazed with the difference in my before and after photo’s After years of being self conscious, having Vaser lipo to my chest at Dezire  Clinic has been the best decision I have ever made, can’t wait to show off my new, flat chest at the beach in summer."
- Reviewed by Shruti Vashikrisha, Hosur
<span>, Mysure</span>
"I can highly recommend Doctor Prashant Yadav and his team for their professionalism, knowledge and expertise in the area Of liposuction. I recently underwent Vaser liposuction for full buttocks and lateral thighs 4 weeks ago and I am already seeing great results!! I have been very impressed with Doctor Prashant Yadav mastery stills in contouring these areas and tailoring the treatment to achieve the outcome I was looking for. I was impressed not only with the procedure itself but also with the follow up care provided by the clinic. The postoperative lymphatic drainage massages have been amazing and so beneficial in reducing swelling and expediting the recovery process. Special thanks to nurse who has been great with the massages but who has also provided me with detailed direction about management at each stage following the procedure. Doctor Prashant Yadav and team have been very accessible and forthcoming with information at every step of the way. A great experience overall."
- Reviewed by Riya sing, Mysure
<span>, Mysure</span>
"5 days post-op and I could not be happier with the result! During both the initial consultation and surgery day I felt completely comfortable and assured that I was in capable hands! Both Doctor Prashant Yadav and all the staff were so friendly and reassuring throughout the whole process. Even though it’s early days, I have been complemented on the very natural look of my breasts and can’t wait to see how even more amazing they will look in the months to come. Highly recommend to anyone looking into undergoing breast augmentation in future!"
- Reviewed by Aarohi P, Mysure
<span>, Bangalore</span>
"I had always thought about getting my breasts done and after speaking to majority of the women I know who have had them done I had heard only positive things about Doctor Prashant Yadav, so I booked a consolation with him. Doctor Prashant Yadav and his team of Nurses were amazing. After my consolation I was so impressed and felt so comfortable with Doctor Prashant Yadav I booked my surgery as soon as I walked out of the consulation. The recovery after the surgery wasn’t long for me, I was out and about a few days later and immediately happy with the results! I would do it all over again! Definitely more confident and love how they look in whatever I wear. They look so natural and amazing. Definitely recommend Doctor Prashant Yadav and I have to ALL my friends and anyone who asks about my breast implants! Thank you so much Doctor Prashant Yadav!"
- Reviewed by MandeLA Bhagi, Bangalore
<span>, Hosur</span>
"I’m feeling amazing after my breast surgery 4 weeks ago! My breasts are completely in proportion with my body. I’ve had so many compliments about how natural they look. I put my complete trust in Doctor Prashant Yadav with sizing and I couldn’t be happier, I just wish I’d done it sooner! I was referred to him by a friend that said Doctor Prashant Yadav was the “Best boob guy in Pune” – He definitely lives up to that statement! Thanks to the lovely and friendly staff for making me feel at ease through the whole process."
- Reviewed by Mitali Yulop, Hosur
<span>, Hosur</span>
"I did not think that this procedure would be as fun as it turned out to be! A big part of the fun came from Doctor Prashant Yadav’s excitement before, during, and AFTER the procedure. He treated my procedure like I was his only case. He took time in his busy schedule to make me feel like I was his only client. He asked me exactly what I wanted in terms of hair goals, and he chose the best method for us to accomplish the task. The procedure was flawless. His technicians were quick and efficient and entertaining throughout the entire procedure. Doctor Prashant Yadav surprised me when he texted me several times throughout the first week to see how I was feeling, swelling (I did not swell AT ALL!), and to see if I had any questions. I already look great and am lucky to have found him. I am already being asked who did my hair. Thanks, Doctor Prashant Yadav!I did not think that this procedure would be as fun as it turned out to be! A big part of the fun came from Doctor Prashant Yadav’s excitement before, during, and AFTER the procedure. He treated my procedure like I was his only case. He took time in his busy schedule to make me feel like I was his only client. He asked me exactly what I wanted in terms of hair goals, and he chose the best method for us to accomplish the task. The procedure was flawless. His technicians were quick and efficient and entertaining throughout the entire procedure. Doctor Prashant Yadav surprised me when he texted me several times throughout the first week to see how I was feeling, swelling (I did not swell AT ALL!), and to see if I had any questions. I already look great and am lucky to have found him. I am already being asked who did my hair. Thanks, Doctor Prashant Yadav!"
- Reviewed by Mithal Narsimha Murti, Hosur
<span>, Mysure</span>
"To echo what many other reviews already made clear, Doctor Prashant Yadav is a caring, friendly, personable doctor who truly takes pride in what he does. My experience with him and his esteemed staff was exceptional. Marc and Doctor Prashant Yadav really take the time time to go through every aspect of the procedure, to ensure the patient knows exactly what will happen. This builds trust, and eases any anxiety one might have about the procedure. On the day of the procedure, I was the only client that day. My every need was taken care of, and everybody made the procedure go a smooth as possible. As for the results, I could not be happier. After one year, my looks amazing. The spots were targeted were filled in, and it has a very natural look. What Doctor Prashant Yadav does is art. If you are planning to have this procedure done, I would recommend him without hesitation."
- Reviewed by Kailash Mishra, Mysure
<span>, Hassan</span>
"It was an awesome experience right from my first visit when I had a million questions to the surgery day to the post op care and recovery !! the education process of what to expect, how does a transplant work is amazing – then Doctor Prashant Yadav works with you to ensure that he plans the complete look, how many grafts can be taken out, sets the right expectations, and commits to great results before the surgery. Marc is a great guide throughout !! The surgery day was smooth- whats nice about Doctor Prashant Yadav is his complete focus is on you, since he only does one surgery in a day, so you get a lot of personal attention and care and the doctor has a great big team supporting him!! the post surgery recovery was as smooth as it can be !! I would recommend Doctor Prashant Yadav any day and wish him and his team all the very best !!"
- Reviewed by Vivek Nayadu, Hassan
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