To know FUE hair transplant cost for your pattern of baldness, kindly fill the correct details in the given online cost calculator form. Once we receive the information we will send you the estimated hair transplant procedure cost on your mobile number and email id filled in the form.

Hair Transplant Cost Calculator

Select your grade of baldness comparing with the pictures given below


The estimated Hair Restoration Cost depends on following Parameters

Grade and severity of baldness Scalp area coverage Donor area capacity Donor area – scalp or body hair Hairline design Density in each zone of bald area Number of session City Chosen for Hair Transplant

The hair transplant cost differs based on which type of hair transplantation procedure is chosen by the patient and doctor, FUE cost is different from FUT cost. There are some special cases like insufficient scalp donor area where body hair are chosen for donor area, facial hair transplant, eyebrow transplant, scar etc. for these special case the cost of hair transplant would be on higher range.

The cost of hair transplantation may vary with patient to patient and the best way to know the exact cost for your transplantation is to schedule your consultation with expert doctor at Dezire Clinic. During the face to face consultation you will come to know the estimated graft requirement, technique, details of the procedure and the number of grafts that can be extracted from your scalp donor area or body hair, number of session required on the basis of which exact cost of your transplantation can be told. Kindly note that there is no substitute of physical consultation with the expert’s not even online consultation or cost calculator form.

The cost of facial hair restoration like beard transplant, moustache reconstruction is higher as compared to scalp hair transplant. The facial hair transplant required different technique, tools and its time taking so the cost is on higher side.

The body hair transplant done in cases which have insufficient donor hair on the back of the scalp is costlier than scalp hair transplant. The body hair transplant cost will depend on the total number of graft required for coverage of bald area on the scalp. We can take from chest, beard, back, legs for covering higher grade baldness. The cost of body hair transplant is high due to more taken to extract the graft, different punch and required very high skill to extract these difficult grafts

The other way of knowing the estimated hair transplant cost in Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune is to share your clear pictures from fives , FRONT, BOTH SIDE VIEW, BACK SIDE & TOP VIEW on our email id mentioning your name , location and contact number.

To know the fue hair transplant cost in Bangalore / Pune / New Delhi for your particular grade of baldness, you can share your scalp pictures on our WhatsApp number 9272007896/8485084716. You need to send clear and visible pictures from different angle and also mention your city and name .once we get the pictures, we will provide you the estimated cost of hair transplant.

Those who are located far away from the city or abroad, we also have online consultation facility. The hair transplant technique, cost, pre and post procedure care instructions etc can be discussed on Skype/Whatsapp video call etc. To book the online consultation at dezire clinic, kindly send a message on our Skype id drdezire444, we will get back to you at the earliest.

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