Most Important Question About 🔴Silicon Breast Implant 🔴DezireClinic

Most Important Question About 🔴Silicon Breast Implant 🔴DezireClinic

This Live session was conducted by Dr. Prashant Yadav (M.S, M.CH), director of Dezire clinic. He answered all the questions which were asked to him during the live session. Before starting the live session he explained about breast silicon implant. Dr. Prashant has explained that Breast has importance role in enhancing beauty of women. Women opt for breast implant who are not happy with their breast size, who have small breast, no proper shape and cleavage.  It is also used in male to female transgender surgery.  Breast implant is used for enhancing its size and improving its shortcomings silicon implant, he told that it is biologically inert and safe. It doesn’t cause any reaction to breast and muscle tissue. We use silicon cohesive gel implant or saline implant. Gel is used because if it gets accidently ruptured it doesn’t spreads out ad takes it shape. Its takes shape according to the morphology of the chest

Some questions asked during the live session were:

​Q. sir u said that I had gynocomastia but in 3 months after doing diet it’s completely flat

Ans. If you got the result then it’s a good news for you.

​Q. sir lipoma bahut jaldi se bad raha hai kaise stop kiya ja sakta hai

Ans. We can’t stop the growth of lipoma, there is no medicine or treatment which can stop lipoma growth because they are genetically determined. There is no diet or home remedies for lipoma. If lipoma is fully grown then we can remove it.

  1. sir surgery apke Alva or Koi to nhi krega surgery apka Koi junior

Ans. I do surgery alone, there is no other surgeon who does surgery.

  1. Q. ​sar me bangladesh ka,,,,,, mera gaynocomastia,,,,khorcha kitna ayega

Ans.  For got whatsApp Your Details to know the Cost Delhi – 9717470550Pune – 9222122122Bangalore- 8971224700Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. m AA RHA hu surgery krne 15 Jan ko Delhi

Ans. Yes,  you are welcome. We are will definitely looking forward to you

​Q. sir address khah se milega muje Delhi ka,

Ans. Whtsapp your detail on the number, Delhi – 9717470550Pune – 9222122122Bangalore- 8971224700Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. ​total recovery kitne time me hota he?

Ans. Initially there is swelling, pain and discomfort, bruises, stiffness, hardness for one week. Within one month most of the swelling reduces.  The recovery and healing pattern is different for every person.

​ Q. mujhe bhi krwani h sergery but injuction s dur lgta h to sergery kesha kru

Ans. Everyone has fear, anxiety and nervousness after surgery. We give injection to ease with anxiety and nervousness.

  1. My home is 40 km far from clinic , shall we do the same day travel after surgery ?.

Ans. You can travel on the day after surgery.

  1. Q. ​sir mujhe lgta h grade 1 ya 2 h bt mujhe gernal anesthesia m krwana h kya ho payga kya sir

Ans. The choice is yours. We can do even minor surgeries under general anaesthesia.

  1. Muje swelling nahi he sirf thoda sujan type he small bas baki sab normal he

Ans. Initially there is swelling but with time it is going to resolve on its own.

  1. i have 0 marks and Totally recovered i n 10 days, when are you coming Ahmedabad? i would like to give review👍

Ans. Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to listen to your feedback.

  1. sutures absorbed wale nhi h Kya sir

Ans. We don’t use absorbable use, we use removable sutures

  1. Doctor how many implanted hair grafts survive in hair transplant and give result. Have heard it is 80%

Ans. 80- to 90 percent of the implanted grafts survives. It depends on the quality of donor area, depends how we extract and implant it, individual skin elasticity, tensile strength.

​ Q. sir lipoma aane wale Santan ko na ho to kya karna hoga

Ans. Risk factor increases, it does not mean you will have lipoma in future generation or not

  1. Sir mere yha p to dur dur Tak koi Dr nhi h Jo suture remove KR sake to Kya krunga

Ans. Any doctor can remove suture.

  1. Q. ​what about the scar after implants ?

Ans. Scars are made in intramembrane fold it is not visible

​Q. ​but I have seen you make a vertical incision while breast lifting

Ans. Lollipop type scar is there, scar is there below the breast fold. Scar in breast lift and breast implant is different.

​Q. Sir can I get your appointment for New Delhi clinic on the first week of February? Actually I need to know of your availability in advance because I stay in Assam and have to book tickets in advance.

Ans.  I don’t know my schedule in first week of  Feburary. Depending on your schedule you can book your tickets. Contact our clinic for this.

  1. Q. ​pragency ke smay yek injunction laga dete h to lipoma nahi aayega Santan m yesa koi injunction hota h kya

Ans. No , it is not like that

  1. surgry ke kitne days bad me running kar sakte h

Ans. After 3 to 4 days of the surgery you can do running.

  1. prp treatment ke baad jo present hair hai wo healthy ho jate hai kh

Ans. We are doing PRP along with GFC which gives very good result. Hair transplant is done for bald areas.

  1. Sir can I clear my Air Force medical after gynaecomastia surgery?

Ans. Yes, you can join air force medical after gynecomastia surgery.

  1. sir is gynecomastia surgery is 100% safe with General anesthesia ?

Ans.  Yes, Gynecomastia surgery can be done under general anesthesia.

  1. sir meri gynocomastia ki surgury huyi thi 45 days ho gya but nipple hard hai aur size uneven hai please reply

Ans. It takes minimum 3-4 months to see the result. Irregular contouring will be there, if you are doing exercises wear compression garment then hardness will be survive. There will be mild variation but you have to give time post surgery which is very important.

  1. breast implant illness bi suffer krti hai women so women go for explants . Is there any cure to that ?

Ans. Implant can cause infection, breast implants are very common in western countries,  in some cases it can cause infection. It depend on the patient, breast implant illness that patient are not happy, therefore they go for removing it.

  1. sir mujhe gyno he ya fat he difference kaise oata chalega

Ans. I had uploaded video of gyno and chest fat. Psychological appearance is the reason, if you are unhappy with chest shape you can go for surgery.

​Q. Sir gynocomastia ki surgery k kitne din baad driving kar skte hai bcos meri driving bahut hai office k liye every day

Ans. After 24 hours of the surgery you can go for surgery.

  1. sir aap cryolypolisis and laser lypolisis technique se nhi karte kya gyno surgery?

Ans. No, we only do Vaser liposuction with microaire

  1. sir I am saving for breast implants from last 6 months…agar m implants lagwau toh money waste toh nahi honge… please and sir

Ans. No, you will not waste your money.

  1. Meri Mom ko hernia ki surgery Hui h do baar ab fir se hernia ho gya h Dr bolte h ki wait Kam kro lekin nhi hota Kya fat remove ho skata h?

Ans. If she has ventral hernia then liposuction will reduce fat, she can also go for bariatic surgery. Consult a bariatric or a plastic surgeon.  Liposuction will definitely help you in that.

​Q. ​penis filler kaise hota

Ans. There is no fillers for penis. We do fat transfer in which the girth of penis is increased

  1. sir one more question…is tummy tuck safe procedure…kya ye life threatening h

Ans. Tummy tuck is major surgery and invasive. You have to be prepare for this surgery. You have to give importance to your body, your body needs time to recover, and recovery period is 7 to 10 days.

  1. sir surgury aapse krwaayi thi ab dubaara nhi hoga na kbhi life time me

Ans. Which patient, surgery I do I will give my 100% to every patient

​​Q. small mole remove me kitne cost parta he sir

Ans. WhatsApp Your Details to know the Cost Delhi – 9717470550Pune – 9222122122Bangalore- 8971224700Gurgaon and Ahmedabad – 9205221272

  1. sir ji please tell why so many girls die bcoz of bbl and tummy tuck….kya India m bhi deaths report hui hain…

Ans. In BBL associated procedure, in fat transfer is done. If the surgeon is non-skilled it can give fat embolism which is fatal and cause death. There are lot of reason for death after surgery, we have to prepare everything before surgery. Tummy tuck has very low death world wide

​Q. ​surgery ke bad fir se gyno problem hua to

Ans. You will not have any problem after gyno, if problem will be there I will solve it.

  1. Hello sir i am from bihar…kya breast implant local anesthesia m ho sakta h

Ans. Yes, it can be done under local anaesthesia.

  1. sir which type of medications are prohibited for gynecomastia surgery?

Ans. blood thinner, green tea, protein supplements are prohibited for Gynecomastia surgery.

  1. Q. ​thanks doctor g aapne dil happy kr dia hai

Ans. Thank you for the appreciation.

  1. sir after liposuction weight can come back and its compulsory to exercise and diet

Ans.  Fat cells are not going to come back after liposuction, but you have to maintain your healthy lifestyle, eat healthy food avoid junk food

  1. fat can come back?

Ans. It can  only come back if your lifestyle is not maintained

  1. लाइपोमा में क्या खाया जा सकता है और योग करें या लिपोमा में कुछ भी नहीं

Ans. Lipomas are not affected due to any diet and home remedy. Lipoma is well developed surgery is needed

​Q. sir ye star helth policy me gyno serdury cover hoti he kya

Ans. No, Gynecomastia is not covered under any health policies.

  1. ACL surgery bhi karte hai dr g ap??

Ans. No, we don’t do ACL surgery.

​Q. Sir if a person undergoes tummy tuck instead of liposuction of tummy then would fat come back in tummy area ?

Ans. Tummy tuck has advantage of fat tightening and muscle tightening and loose skin is removed if person has hernia it is advantageous.

  1. sir garment night me uthhaar ke soh skta hu kya

Ans. Yes, you can remove it

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